When she read that parents in New York are planning an Opt-Out rally on March 29, this reader sent the following poem:

“Way to go NEW YORK ! BRAVEHEART of our Nation!

“I Opted Out in Texas by resigning. As an educator, I could no longer violate my professional ethics or my conscience and participate in a state school system that abuses children. I felt that I was being manipulated and “used” to abuse children in order to support an immoral cause. It was creating emotional distress for me just as it is the children. I wrote this piece to express my protest. I hope you are not offended by my frankness. I am an Aspie, so I have an excuse for telling the truth:

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“We Should Have Listened to the Lorax !!!

It came in so boldly in very plain sight
That no one reacted with outrage or fright.

The teachers all worked it to lift children’s scores
too busy to notice their role shift to wh – – – – .

They followed directives and put it to use,
so how could they know they were causing abuse.

It called itself “common” and bragged without shame,
That all kids would need it to be just the same.

To measure the contents of what children learn
came methods of strictness all callous and stern.

It claimed to have rigor to help kids succeed,
but most could not see underneath was all GREED.

It first made a difference and upted some scores
but then it continued with more more and more.

The children were sweet and so nice and polite
They all were submissive without any fight.

They did it to please those they trust to know right.
They did it in spite of their bindings so tight.

They suffered in silence and gave their best try
They never complained or even asked “why”?

…..but some did cry.

Their innocence plundered their self now askew,
They hardened completely while no one even knew.

Their spirits were taken their childhood replaced
A new breed of children – a much meaner race.

Now where are those sadists who made up such rules
to torture young children with cruel cunning ruse?

They’re safe in their castles no thoughts of that time,
When children were maimed by their heinous crime.

Our nation is dying this loss is too great
The end of our children will be our last fate.

The Lorax was trying to speak for the trees.
I speak for children….begging….on my knees.

Please notice the children are having distress
Don’t let them suffer the harm from this mess.

This hidden agenda is well on it’s way
to make a Police State….that’s all I can say.

…and now I’ve gone away.”

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