The Momma Bears are one of the potent forces that will drive the corporate-style reformers out of business.

You see, the Momma Bears are not in it for the money or the fame or the power or the control.

They are Mamma Bears, and they don’t back down. They protect their cubs.

They don’t particularly care whether Arne Duncan calls them names or whether the Governor likes them.

They are in it for their children, and (as we say in the South) they ain’t giving up or going away.

In this post, they single out a teacher who told parents the truth about what the state was doing to their children.

They know this teacher is on their side and on the side of their children. He wants to teach, not test. Imagine that!

Who imposed all this testing on these kids? They know:

You can thank these people for this asinine TVAAS evaluation system:

  • TN Board of Education (appointed by Gov. Haslam)
  • TN Commissioner Kevin Huffman (appointed by Gov. Haslam)
  • Governor Haslam (who sent his kids to private schools that didn’t excessively test or rate teachers by test scores)
  • William Sanders (the statistician who came up with this awful system to rate agricultural growth and somehow it is now it is being used to abuse teachers)

The Mamma Bears know that all this testing doesn’t help their children.

They know that it helps Pearson!

If their child fails, guess what they get? More testing!

These are smart Mamma Bears. They will be there after the name Bill Haslam and Kevin Huffman are long forgotten.

You see, there is justice in the world.