The Hoboken, New Jersey, Board of Education has appealed to the State Education Department in the Chris Christie administration to stop the privatization of their public schools.

The DOE is likely to render its decision by Friday about the expansion of the Hola Dual Language Charter School.

Please be sure to read the link with the letter to Commissioner Chris Cerf (now leaving to work for Rupert Murdoch’s Amplify, no friend of public schools).


I received the following letter from a public school activist in Hoboken:

 The Public School District is expecting by Friday the DoE’s response to the application for expansion of the Hola Dual Language Charter school.  
Here is the District Superintendent’s, Dr. Mark Toback, impact statement to Commissioner Cerf asking him to deny that expansion.  The Hoboken BoE has also supported Dr. Toback’s impact statement with a board vote. 
 Commissioner Cerf letter for agenda 12-10-13.pdf (2,552 KB)  
Unfortunately,  with little understanding of the issues and the financial impact on the programs of our neediest students,  Mayor Zimmer, Councilman Mello (NYC public school teacher), and Councilman Bhalla have decided to take a side against the public school children.
Other political pressure comes from former State Assemblyman Ruben Ramos and his replacement State Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia both of whom have children attending the Hola Dual Language Charter School.
-Hola has 11% free and reduced price lunch students while the district has 72%. 
-Hola has 61% white students while the district has 25%
-Hola has 29% Latino students while the district has 55%
Hoboken is only one square mile yet we currently have 3 Charter schools that have led to dividing our community between the haves and the have nots. Currently $7.8 Million is diverted for Hoboken Charter Schools.
Since all of our public meetings are videotaped, if you had the time, you could watch a parade of Hola parents get up at the microphone begging the Superintendent not to oppose their charter school expansion.  Because they are so proud when they’re summering in Spain that their children can speak spanish.  Many of our public school students have never left the “projects” let alone the country.  You can view the meeting here,