The Network for Public Education enthusiastically endorsed Ras Baraka for the position of mayor of Newark, New Jersey.

Baraka is an experienced teacher and administrator, now a city councilman, fighting school closings and privatization. He stands strong for the children and people of Newark, not for the Christie administration and hedge fund managers seeking to disassemble and privatize public education.

Here is his education statement.

Veteran journalist Bob Braun writes about the race here. He views the race as a test of whether Newark voters support Christie’s plan to close their public schools.

Expect big money to pour into Newark from Democrats for Education Reform, B4NJKids, and other hedge fund managers and deep pocket supporters of corporate reform (school closings, charters, high-stakes testing). For more about the supporters of “reform” in New Jersey, read here. Learn about the billionaire who has made school reform his favorite pastime.