The school board in Guilford County, North Carolina, voted unanimously tonight to defy state legislation denying “tenure” (career status) to experienced teachers.

According to the latest news reports:

“GREENSBORO — The Guilford County School Board unanimously supported a resolution challenging the state’s new tenure law and asking for relief from laws requiring them to offer contracts to certain teachers in exchange for their tenure.

Teachers in the audience stood and clapped as the board’s vote appeared on a TV screen. Then board members and district staff stood and clapped for teachers.

Board members said the law is unconstitutional, its wording unclear. They also said the legislation “represents yet another thinly veiled attack on public education and educators.

Updated 7:11 p.m.

GREENSBORO — Senate leader Phil Berger said he is “deeply troubled” by reports that the Guilford County Board of Education will vote tonight not to follow provisions of the state teacher tenure law.

In a letter sent to Superintendent Maurice “Mo” Green, Berger said that by ignoring the law, board members are failing to “recognize and reward excellent teachers.”

Board members are expected to vote to not choose certain teachers to award new contracts, as required by law.

About six of the 11 board members already have indicated they support that vote.

Tonight, teachers wearing red for public education, packed the board room and central office. About an hour before the meeting started, teachers — some from out of state — chanted and held signs protesting recent legislation affecting education.

Several teachers spoke during the public comment period of the meeting, thanking board members for their expected voted.

“Right now educators are facing a death of a thousand cuts,” said teacher Todd Warren, who has spoken out about raising pay for all teachers.

Amy Harrison, a special education teacher at Reedy Fork Elementary, thanked the board and told them every teacher at her school has signed a petition pledging to decline the new contracts.