Eclectablog reports that the children in the so-called (and misnamed) Education Achievement Authority were used as guinea pigs for experimental technology. 

Eclectablog writes:

“In the course of reporting on the tragic situation in Michigan’s Education Achievement Authority (read all of my posts HERE), one of the things that I have learned is that the computer platform that is used to administer the EEA’s “student centered learning” model — known as BUZZ — is hated nearly across the board by teachers and students alike.

Instead of being a model for implementing a computer-based teaching model, BUZZ crashed regularly, had major content deficiencies, and was so hard to use that its benefits were all but overwhelmed by its flaws.”

Teachers are cited who describe the failure of BUZZ, and Eclectablog concludes:

“… instead of investing the resources necessary to accomplish the goal of turning around our worst-performing schools as quickly as possible, the EAA operated on the cheap, using an untested, unproven, beta stage software platform with the teachers and students the beta testing guinea pigs.”

Why would the state of Michigan be so indifferent to the well-being of its neediest children? Why put commercial interests ahead of the children? Why are the children treated as rejects and discards by public officials? When will there be a lawsuit to stop this charade or a public investigation?