School officials in Guilford County, North Carolina, are balking about implementing a law that offers the “best” teachers a bonus of $500 to abandon their right to due process. Ironic, isn’t it, that it is the “best” teachers who are expected to give up their right to a fair hearing?

The local newspaper wrote:

“GREENSBORO — Guilford County school board members are pushing back against a law that would require offering four-year contracts and $500 bonuses to teachers in exchange for their tenure.

The group initially voted today to reject that part of the law. After some discussion, they tabled the vote until the Feb. 11 meeting, when all board members should be present…..

Under a law that goes into effect this year, school districts across the state would have to identify 25 percent of teachers – those who have at least three consecutive years of experience – and offer them four-year contracts and annual $500 bonuses if they surrender their tenure.

“But, as officials pointed out today, there are numerous concerns about the law including insufficient funding.

“They’re also concerned that retroactively rescinding tenure from vested teachers is a violation of property rights protected by the state and U.S. constitutions……”