Last night, the parents of Newark spoke out in unison against the bullying tactics of the Christie administration.

As veteran journalist Bob Braun reported, state-appointed superintendent Cami Anderson stormed out of the meeting after a parent accused her of not caring as much about Newark’s children as she does about her own.

The parents of Newark are fighting together against not only state control of their district, which has disempowered them, but against Anderson’s plan to close many public schools and turn them over to charter operators.

The school board president has been heroic in standing up to the high-handed tactics of the Christie administration, which assumed it could ignore the parents of Newark.

Board president Antoinette Baskerville Richardson, sitting inches away next to the superintendent, then described Anderson’s plan as “monumentally destabilizing” and “destructive” and criticized her for suppressing “freedom of speech.”

Braun wrote:

“In a clear reference to the mounting revelations of scandals related to political retribution surrounding Christie, Baskerville-Richardson said, “It is clear the attitudes and actions of Cami Anderson reflect the attitudes and actions of Gov. Christie.”

No way. No how. The parents of Newark are mobilized and united.

I am proud to add them to the honor roll for courage against overwhelming odds.

Stand with Newark.