Some of the nation’s wealthiest men are building a campaign chest to promote tax credits for private and religious schools. If the legislature acts on their request, it would transfer $250 million in education funds to nonpublic schools.

5,000 students packed the Westchester County Convention Center in White Plains, New York,last November to cheer the proposal.

“The rally in White Plains, and another one in Buffalo in April that drew 10,000, are the public face of a multifaceted strategy financed, in part, by some of the richest people in America. A Tax Watch investigation into the advocacy effort, which has close links to the New York Archdiocese, found that it is fueled by:

• A political action committee bankrolled by $347,000 from seven people, including two of America’s 100 richest individuals.

• A foundation with $4 million in donations, with 60 percent from just five individual donors.

• Five lobbying firms on retainer, at a cost of $360,000 in 2013.”