This morning, as I was flying home from Chicago, where I spoke to the Modern Language Association about Common Core, the blog registered more than 9 million page views. The blog started in late April 2012.

Thank you for reading, thank you for tweeting, thank you for sharing with friends, thank you for commenting and joining the conversation.

How to account for the interest in the blog? I attribute it to the amazing energy of readers who share stories (with links) from their hometown newspaper and who come here for solace, support, inspiration, collegiality, and an open discussion about issues that matter to them. I attribute it to the fact that the blog has a point of view–I support the preservation and real reform of public schools, and I respect the men and women who work every day to educate the nation’s children. I attribute it to the fact that the blog welcomes dissent, so long as it remains within the bounds of civility.

The blog has become a clearinghouse for parents and educators seeking support and allies as they oppose privatization and punitive legislation and mandates. Readers have kept me informed about big events in different states and cities, and I, in turn, share what I learn from you.

As regular readers know, I write the blog without any assistants. There is no paid staff. Just me. When there are spelling or grammatical errors, they are mine, and they are usually the result of either haste or auto-correct. Just yesterday, the words “out in” appeared as “Putin.” I am grateful to readers for pointing out my mistakes.

A friend asked me the other day what I was doing to “monetize” the blog. I said “nothing.” I don’t want advertising or subscriptions. This is what I want to do. Nothing more or less.

Over these past months, I have blocked a small number of people for violating the simple rules of the blog.

They are:

1. No cursing, although an occasional “damn” or “hell” is tolerable. I have deleted comments that exceeded the bounds of civil behavior as defined by me.

2. Argue and disagree all you want, but no malicious accusations or vitriol. Some might slip through but if it is habitual, go elsewhere.

3. To sum up, my blog is my virtual living room. You are welcome. I expect you to say your piece, however you choose, but in a civil tone.

Now let’s go for 10 million!