Jeff Bryant, director of the Education Opportunity Network, here catalogues the abuses that have become all too common in the world of charter schools.

Although there are responsible and caring charter schools, there is a growing number who take advantage of their freedom from supervision, from oversight, from audits, and from state laws governing public schools to engage in child abuse, corruption, nepotism, and financial fraud.

This is a valuable article, as it shows that these abuses are inherent in the fact that charter schools are given large amounts of public money without necessary financial oversight. In some cases, charter operators get freedom from accountability because of their political connections. But there is even more than Jeff describes. He doesn’t mention Ohio’s biggest charter operators, who rake in millions in profits, while making generous campaign contributions. Nor does he mention the padded closet used to discipline small children at KIPP in NYC’s Washington Heights. Nor did he mention the rampant conflicts of interest in Arizona charter schools.