How gullible are taxpayers in Ohio? How long will they remain willing to pay millions of dollars to a charter founder who is best known for campaign contributions? Why does Ohio’s ignore this outrage?

Plunderbund documents the empire created by William Lager, founder of the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) was paid $1 million in the first year his school opened. It is now the largest charter school in Ohio.

Frankly, it is a sickening story.

Not until 2007 did state officials suggest that Lager should provide detailed invoices for the public money he received.

Writes Plunderbund:

“At this point [2007], according to the official audits released by the Ohio Auditor of State, William Lager had received exactly $28,354,426 over a seven-year period without ever submitting one single invoice documenting the services provided by him or his company.

“Readers, Lager’s fleecing of Ohio’s taxpayers in order to build his personal wealth under the guise of providing an alternative educational option for children is nothing new; he has engaged in a systematic process of pocketing millions of dollars since he founded this public charter school back in 2000 — over 13 years ago. William Lager has been drawing an annual salary of over $1,000,000 since his first year as the CEO of the school’s management company.

“And so we’ll ask again, don’t you think Ohio’s and national newspapers be running front page stories if a public school superintendent in the state of Ohio was drawing an annual salary of over $1,000,000? Why is it that William Lager can receive a six-figure, publicly-funded annual salary without a single article questioning this appalling misappropriation of school funding dollars?”

Why do you think that Ohio news media don’t care about this?