Last year, Louisiana led the nation in passing absurd laws about education.

This year, that dubious distinction goes to North Carolina. Hardly a day goes by without more evidence of misinformed, specious, nonsensical meddling by the Legislature.

The latest: the Legislature insists that all third graders learn to read, so they mandated 36 new mini-tests for the children.

Could someone explain to State Senate leader Phil Berger that testing is not teaching?

No Child Left Behind mandated that all children would be proficient by 2014. Hello, it’s 2014, and it didn’t happen. Maybe there is a lesson here, if anyone is listening. Mandating that all children must be proficient doesn’t make them proficient. Mandating that all third-graders must read doesn’t mean it will be so.

The time spent on testing is time that should be spent reading, writing, listening, and learning.

As the old chestnut goes, you don’t fatten a pig by weighing it.