Paul Thomas proposes that educators must set goals for other crucial sectors of our society.

After all, there is such low confidence in other institutions, and it is our joint responsibility to do what we can to restore confidence for the good of society.

If we do not solve the crisis of our times, we will lose the global competition to other nations that are not only catching up with us but surpassing us on many dimensions.

First, we must reorganize the timely delivery of packages. Thomas proposes the funding of Deliver for America, a pool of temporary drivers to replace the professional drivers at Fedex.

Second–and this is critical–he proposes a nationwide evaluation of political leaders based on their value added, measuring “their positive impact on the people they represent.” Every elected official would take a standardized test and the bottom 25% would be fired every year.

Third–also of national importance–a nationwide evaluation of the media, especially editorial boards and opinion writers, based on standardized measures of the relationship between the research base and their writings. The bottom 25% would be fired every year, depending on the accuracy of their proposals.

We can’t delay. Our national security depends on setting goals and acting promptly without delay to review and evaluate these–and other-sectors of our economy.