Anna Shah-bomba is a parent in New York who attended a Common Core forum and was startled to be dismissed as a member of a “special interest” group by the state commissioner of education. To help other parents advocate for their children, she wrote this post:.

She asks, “Are you “that parent”?

She begins like this:

“Advocating in a small school district presents a challenge on many fronts. Sometimes, its hard to rally other parents so that your cause has enough strength and/or support that will actually make a change.

You may feel like your voice is drowned out by the chatter of nothingness.

You may feel powerless or that your efforts are fruitless.

You may question why bother doing this at all.

You may feel alone but, I assure you, that you are not.

Some parents are quick to complain but slow to take action.

Others are simply too scared to step up lest they be singeled out and ostracized by their peers.

Many parents support you secretly but are afraid to show it in school because they fear backlash from unscrupulous officials or that their friends wont approve.

Many parents worry that they wil be labelled or known as “that parent” which is apparently a derogatory term.

Lets face it, no one wants to be “that parent” after all.

You know who “that parent” is….”

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