I received this letter from a teacher who taught in Louisiana until recently. I am posting anonymously for her sake:

Dear friends,

I am not writing you from New Orleans, and I do not know these students, but I taught in this area for 9 years, and after 3 schools that I worked in were taken over by charters with no relationship to the community, I left my state and moved to Atlanta to go to graduate school. Thus, it is so encouraging that students from two high schools have protested fake school reform and the “No Excuses Model.” Both schools have staged walk-outs over the past week. If you have not watched the below videos, please take a minute to do so.

Firstline schools is the Charter Management Organization (CMO) that took over Joseph S. Clark High School three years ago. The principal is a TFA graduate and his name is Alex Hochran. The students were protesting the discipline policies and the lack of diversity in the teaching staff (the school is located in one of the oldest black neighborhoods in the United States, Treme).


Collegiate Academies is another No Excuses CMO, and they are in the process of taking over Carver High School (the school is located in the 9th ward of New Orleans). The students walked out yesterday.


Please share these videos with others, so that people can be inspired by the courageous work of these young people.