Earlier today, I wrote a sincere apology to John Arnold for having overstated the amount of money he was paid when he left Enron (before its collapse). He left with $4 million, then created a hedge fund and accumulated a fortune in excess of $3 billion. As EduShyster pointed out, the Laura and John Arnold Foundation has supported charter schools, Michelle Rhee’s StudentsFirst, and Teach for America.

A reader on the blog has some different ideas for the Arnold Foundation:

Mr. Arnold, how about using your wealth to endow a struggling school with a state of the art library and technology resource center, a parenting center, a health and social services clinic, a day care center, science labs, a theater, music facility and art gallery? Provide funds for class trips! Create a community garden at the school and give classes on healthy nutrition and eating habits! Reinvest in industrial arts and vocational training! Then sit back and watch these kids thrive. Twelve years of corporate education reform have failed. Put your money to better use.

Teachers: You know your students. What would you advise the Arnold Foundation to support that would improve student success in school and in life? Share your good ideas based on your experience.