On October 10, I posted a column about John Arnold, a billionaire who supports charter schools, TFA, and similar projects. I noted that he was giving $10 million to keep Headstart centers open during the government shutdown. In that column, I quoted investigative journalist David Sirota, who said that Arnold was trying to buy good will to divert attention from his efforts to cut the pensions of retirees (aka, pension reform).

A lawyer contacted me on behalf of Mr. Arnold and asked me to correct factual inaccuracies in that post. Arnold did not leave Enron with $3 billion. He left before the firm collapsed with $8 million, which a judge later reduced to $4 million. According to his lawyer, he made $3 billion as a hedge fund investor after he left Enron.

So, I apologize for saying that Arnold left Enron with $3 billion and that he “fleeced” Enron investors. He did not.

We disagree about education reform and pension reform.

I always strive for accuracy and am quite willing to correct any errors I have made.

I am delighted to learn that John Arnold reads my blog and hope that he will continue to do so.