David Greene, master mentor of teachers in Néw York City, reviews “Reign of Error” here.


After quite a while I just finished reading Diane Ravitch’s Reign of Error. When most people compliment a book, they tend to call it a page-turner. I can’t say that about Diane’s book. For the first 20 chapters, that was impossible. I had to stop, dog-ear, or bookmark page after page of material I hope to use in sharing her wealth of evidence against the privatization movement in public education.

In fact not only can’t I say I couldn’t put it down, I have to say I had to put it down, or be brought to tears of anger or depression. In truth her book is about a Reign of Terror.

The book can be nicknamed, NSLU (No Stone Left Unturned.) In a straightforward, clear, incredibly well-documented manner she dismisses every argument the “reformers” have to offer in support of their plan. Then, she clearly explains several common sense solutions to the problems we all recognize exist, not those made up to play the propaganda game.

Ravitch clearly understands how the “Ministry of Education”, as she calls the Department of Education has become like Orwell’s 1984 Big Brother Ministry of Truth which used the big lie and repetitious slogans (ominously similar to chapters in Mein Kampf): WAR IS PEACE. FREEDOM IS SLAVERY. IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.

Our spokespeople for today’s “Ministry of Education” repeatedly state. CHILDREN FIRST. STUDENTS FIRST. WE CAN TURN THINGS AROUND. REPLACE FAILED PUBLIC SCHOOLS WITH CHOICE.

Ravitch, time and time again, simply proves the Ministry of Education wrong, wrong, and wrong, and millions of parents, teachers and children right, right, right about the reality of public schools and privatization.

As a nation, we should be ashamed to let her words go unheard. As a people, we must rise up and be heard by those in power to let democracy rule public education not global dollars.