Thanks to all who sent expressions of support and concern. I read every one and appreciated them. You gave me the strength to get through the first days, which are the hardest. I even heard from people with whom I have had disagreements. I was humbled by the goodness that people expressed. We–including me–should all work harder to find the good and praise it rather than submit to the fault-finding, attacks, and meanness that now infests so much of our culture.

On the health stuff, the good news is that the diagnosis of walking pneumonia was a false positive, meaning the first x-ray was wrong. My lungs are clear. My job now is to take my blood-thinning medicine to dissolve the clots in my right leg, which are always dangerous. Luckily, I got medical treatment before the clots could go traveling to my lungs, heart, or brain.

What causes blood clots (in my case, deep vein thrombosis)? Too much air travel, too much inactivity. If you must fly (and I will), get up and walk around every half hour. Don’t let the blood pool in your legs. Drink a lot of water. But above all, walk up and down the aisles frequently.

I am home now, and I have an appointment to see a vascular specialist on Monday.

I won’t travel as often as I did in the past. I will blog and tweet as often as ever.

I plan to speak to school leaders on Long Island on November 19. I plan to speak to the Virginia Education Association on November 22 in Richmond. I will be in Las Vegas on December 6 to address the Association for Career and Technical Education and will stay a couple of extra days, not to gamble, but to adjust to the air travel.

On December 11, I will speak to parents and teachers at PS 15 in Red Hook, Brooklyn. That’s the Patrick Daley School, named for its beloved principal who was killed in 1992 when he stepped into gang crossfire in a housing project while going to a student’s home to see if he was okay. All are welcome.

Be of good cheer. Thank you for the good you do in the world and never stop seeking the justice and freedom from want that we all need.