EduShyster, tongue firmly planted in cheek, defends the huge salaries collected by charter operators in New York City. That’s the price of excellence, she says. She links to an article by Rachel Monahan of the New York Daily News, who listed 16 charter executives who make more money to run a small charter school or a small charter chain than the chancellor of the City of New York. Missing from Monahan’s list was Geoffrey Canada, who is paid somewhere between $400,000-500,000. .

Some of those on Monahan’s list have charters in other cities, and it would be interesting to know if they are receiving additional payments as executives in multiple sites.

When you see these rewards, you can understand the lure of charters for those young people who are eager for fame and fortune. They won’t win it in the classroom, so it makes sense to open a charter, spend huge amounts of money to market the product and lure customers, conduct a lottery (thus excluding the families who are not alert enough to do the paperwork for a lottery), exclude students with severe disabilities and students who don’t speak English, and counsel out troublemakers and students with low scores. It is a formula that always works!

And those who follow the formula get very rich and are idolized by the media.

Collateral damage: America’s democratic public school system.

Tough. But that’s the price of excellence for the few.