Paul Thomas has the advantage of nearly two decades as a high school teacher and now a teacher educator at Furman Uniiversity, one of only four teacher education programs given. High rating by the non -professional National Council on Teacher Quality.

Thomas has already called for a moratorium on privileged white men pontificating about race, class, and gender.

He previously made this recommendation because of Mike Petrilli’s paean to the good old days of selective and segregated schools, preferably with no excuses.

He here extends the moratorium to include the prolific champion of reform Rick Hess. Paul is exercised by Rick’s ideas about how teachers can earn a ” place at the table.”

Whose table? Who else will be there? Who built the table? What or who is on the menu?

Whenever anyone offers you a place at the table, think of that brilliant episode in “The Twilight Zone,” called “To Serve Mankind.” If you haven’t seen it, do so.