This teacher read about the student in Philadelphia who died of an asthma attack; there was no school nurse because of Governor Tom Corbett’s massive budget cuts.

“I currently teach middle school in the South Bronx. These children raised in and in the shadows of dystopian housing projects and buffered by the emotional and societal detritus of poverty have seen the organizing and “purifying” fires of reform take away their library, classroom space, increase class size, excess teachers to the point of understaffing due to budget limitations, ending after school enrichment and extra curricular activities and even the ability to pay a complete staff of educators. However, it was two years ago when our school-based clinic was closed ( the only medical care many of our students experience) that I understood and allowed myself to believe fully the truth. In the Huxleyian landscape of reform, my wise-beyond-their-years, empathetic, thoughtful students are officially Epsilons.”