Stephanie Simon has written a blockbuster article that describes how Teach for America has enlarged its goals.

It is no longer just an organization that trains young people to teach in low-income schools.

It is, as she puts it, “a political powerhouse” that is seizing control of education in district after district, state after state, funded by rightwing millionaires and billionaires.

The far-right, anti-union Walton Foundation is one of TFA’s biggest funders.

So is Arthur Rock, a San Francisco venture capitalist, who pays the salaries of TFA staffers who work in key offices of Congress, protecting the interest of TFA. Rock is a big supporter of vouchers.

Wherever there is advocacy for vouchers and charters, there you will find TFA.

And their numbers are growing, fueled by their vast treasury, and their ability to fool young people into thinking that they are “progressive,” when they have become the frontline soldiers of the far-right enemies of public education.