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ED REFORMERS MEET IN BOSTON — More than 800 state legislators, school chiefs and policy wonks of every description will convene today in Boston for former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s annual National Summit on Education Reform. The two-day conference will feature several big-name speakers, including former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and a mystery guest that summit organizers have kept secret to build suspense… though (spoiler alert!) your Morning Education team hereby unveils him as Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The summit features panels on everything from vocational education to pre-K to a strategy session on how to sell ed reform to the public. Added at the last minute: A panel at which top execs from four big companies, including Microsoft and Exxon Mobil, make the case for Common Core. Watch for updates from the conference from Pro Education’s Stephanie Simon.

I have often speculated that there were not enough ed reformers to fill a large ballroom.

Well, here they are, and they say there will be 800 of them! 800 people determined to privatize public education in America and get rid of the education profession.

A bipartisan group too! No surprise there. Arne Duncan, Joel Klein, Condoleeza Rice, and Jeb Bush have been on the same page for years. And of course Rahm Emanuel has gone to the head of the pack because he succeeded in closing a history-breaking record number of 50 public elementary schools, to be replaced by 52 non-union charter schools.

Yes, they definitely need a “strategy session” to figure out how to sell privatization, teacher-bashing, and school closings to the public. It is not working anywhere.

And no surprise that the nation’s biggest corporations will give a panel on why we need Common Core, instead of a panel in which they explain why they have outsourced millions of jobs to low-wage countries. In this country, they can’t seem to find anyone willing to work for $10 a day. That is their problem.

Hope is on the way, Boston. I will be speaking at Memorial Church in Harvard Yard on October 24, sponsored by Citizens for Public Schools. I have no corporate sponsorship, but I will arrive with plenty of pins to burst the reformy bubbles.