A blogger called ” Don’t Forget South Central” reviewed
“Reign of Error” in relation to the children and schools of that
much maligned and abused city. This is a cry from the bottom of the
well, who knows that his or her dedication has been met with
contempt by the powerful. A sample: “Reign of Error concludes that
disparaging schools makes it easier for the public to accept their
destruction and re-creation as private entities. Schools are being
closed in cities nationwide and its all based on a false premise,
that schools are failing. We are not failing! We are working with
children that come to school under the most difficult circumstances
in recent memory. Has the Great Recession affected you? It has
affected families from poverty even more so. Yet our graduation
rates are up. More children can read and do math. We outscore
students from other countries when you factor for poverty. Reign of
Error rejects the labeling of schools as failures and rightly
assigns responsibility to district administrators who fail to act
when they become aware that a school is under-resourced and all
they offer is labels and blame. “Just as the Chicano art mural
above rejects the label of minority, we educators reject the label
of failures. Hold us accountable for what we is within our reach
and fix what isn’t. How to start doing this? Read the book.”