This letter comes in response to a post by TeacherBiz, aka
Ani McHugh.

Dr. Ravitch, I worked for 29 years for NJEA and six for PSEA. I worked with local teacher associations in some
of the poorest cities in both those states (NJ and PA), including

What is happening in CU is nothing short of a criminal assault on the poorest of the poor, led by politicians who have allowed the state to have a funding formula which penalizes
poor districts and then criticizes them for “failing.”

Corbett, a
former prosecutor, should himself be prosecuted for failing to
enforce the state constitution, which calls for a “thorough and
efficient” system of public schools. By contrast, New Jersey’s
Supreme Court forced the cowards in the legislature to fund poor
districts at the same level as the wealthy districts, with some
impressive results.

I love your work. And oh,
by the way, Ani McHugh is my daughter, of whom I am inordinately
Robert P. Broderick
Beverly, NJ