Up until now, Eli Broad and his minions have dominated education discussion in Los Angeles. But something pretty terrific happened over the last few days. New voices are being heard. The public is getting the word that “corporate reform” is not working and will not improve their children’s education.

As educators, our job is to educate the public. We don’t have access to the mainstream media, but bit by bit the story is getting out. Americans have heard the negative propaganda for many years, yet they think their own public school is terrific.

The Los Angeles Times is taking a more critical look at the problems created by corporate reform as well as the lack of any results. The corporate reformers are on the defensive.

Let’s keep up our job: Organize, inform, educate, build coalitions with parents and educators. We don’t need more testing. We don’t need more merit pay. We don’t need more test-based evaluations. We need to make sure all kids get a high-quality education with the resources they need. All schools should have arts education and daily physical education. Children should have health clinics and after-school programs. Children who are struggling to learn need smaller classes. The children of Los Angeles need what the children in affluent districts have, only more of it.