This is exciting!

Folks, the tide is turning!

An experienced superintendent announced that he will run for state superintendent against Janet Barresi, the current superintendent who is a member of Jeb Bush’s shrinking Chiefs for Change.

Barresi worked as a speech pathologist, then became a dentist. She opened charter schools. She is part of the Jeb (“test ’em until they cry, then give everyone a grade”) Bush school of thought.

Her challenger rejects the corporate reform rule book:

Dr. John Cox has been a superintendent for 20 years in Oklahoma.

Read this from Dr. Cox:

“I chose to run for state schools superintendent because I do not agree with the current reforms that are being forced on our public schools,” Cox said. “It is time that we return to trusting our teachers and believing and knowing that they are professionals.

“It is also time that we trust principals and superintendents to do their job, and return local control back to our school boards and communities.”

He said he believes his candidacy was a way to being part of a process to save public education in Oklahoma.

“The only recourse that we as educators have, is to work towards improving our schools by fighting for local control, taking care of our teachers, and making a system that allows all children to be successful,” Cox said. “It is time that we take a common sense approach to accountability.”

Cox said the major challenges facing the school superintendent and school districts, in general, is adequate school funding.

“We lead the nation in school funding cuts since 2009, and we need to advocate for increased funding,” Cox said. “Some people will say that throwing money at public schools does not increase student learning, but I will tell you that extra funds help provide … personnel that have direct contact with students and will provide more one on one learning for our students, which will improve student learning.”