After following Jared Polis’s personal attacks on me on Twitter, Jersey Jazzman decided to examine what Polis has done in Congress. He is good on some issues, like gun control and the environment. But when it comes to fiscal issues, he favors tax breaks for corporations and the rich.

He praises Colorado’s SB 191, which bases 50% of teachers’ evaluations on test scores, which most researchers say is wrong. It is one of the most punitive corporate reform bills in the nation. I was in Colorado the day it was passed by the State Senate. The Colorado NEA asked to speak out against it, and I did. But the bill was introduced by young 32years old) State Senator Michael Johnston, ex-TFA, a fervent believer that teachers should be judged by test scores and should be fired or lose tenure if they couldn’t raise them.

Jersey Jazzman concludes thus:

Wealthy “liberals” who do not want to talk about inequality have found a useful issue in education “reform.” They can affect concern for the poor by pointing their fingers at teachers and their unions, deflecting the blame away from themselves. They can pretend that “college and career readiness” will lift the poor out of a system they themselves have benefitted from: a system that requires winners and losers. I don’t think Jared Polis wants to see anyone suffer. I don’t think Jared Polis likes poverty. But I do think Jared Polis would rather not reflect on the possibility that maybe his wealth was acquired at the expense of the working poor and the shrinking middle class, and that maybe we need to reform our government, our economy, and our markets with far more urgency than we need to reform our public school system. If wealthy, “liberal” reformers would finally start acknowledging this state of affairs, maybe we could have a significant, substantive conversation about the future of this country — and that would include education reform. It appears, however, that Jared Polis would rather just call the people who are trying to talk about education at a level beyond platitudes “evil”. –

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