Governor Andrew Cuomo has an unfortunate habit of spouting off about education, a subject where he is woefully uninformed.

When New York won a Race to the Top grant, the original proposal called for a 20% cap on test scores as part of teachers’ evaluations. Cuomo insisted, after the deal was struck, that it had to be 40%. If he knew anything about research on teaching, he would have said 20% was too high.

Last week, he said that low-scoring schools should have a death penalty, again parading his ignorance. He meant replacing democratic governance with state takeover or mayoral control or chartering. All are failed remedies.

Peter Goodman here predicts that Cuomo’s ill-informed policies could derail his presidential ambitions.

New York State has done a miserable job running the Roosevelt school district.

Voters in NYC are sick of mayoral control.

Cuomo needs better advisors. His lines are stale.