Michael Weston, Hillsborough County teacher, attended
Florida Governor Rick Scott’s three-day education summit. But
Governor Scott had better things to do. He
was busy
meeting with Jeb Bush, who is the state’s
education expert. They discussed the future of education in
Florida. Parents were not happy that the Governor skipped the
chance to meet with them. Weston is a BAT, and
this is what he

Here is a sample:

“In spell checking this document, I bounced “accountability” off the
Thesaurus. “Culpability” came up. Switching to the dictionary, the first
word to catch my eye was “blame”. “Blame” puts the no-governor Governor’s
Summit into better perspective. Why do politicians hate teachers so? What
did we ever do but educate them? Are they twisted to a dense ball of rage
inside because teachers attempted to instill a code of responsibility,
decency and morality in them; a code they cannot live up to? Are teachers to
blame for politicians as well?”