Wouldn’t it be great if more teachers ran for school board
and for the legislature? Then when policies are written and
implemented, there would be an experienced voice at the table,
explaining the consequences of decisions made far from the
classroom. I don’t know Liz Hallmark, but I am very impressed that
she knows teaching and learning, she cares passionately about the
arts, and she would be a great school board member. This is the
letter she sent to potential supporters:  
August 15, 2013
Dear Colleagues,
My name is Liz Hallmark and I am running for School Board
this fall. I’m writing to tell you why I’d like to serve on the
First of
all, I am a teacher with a background in the performing arts. I
began my work in schools as a dance-teaching artist who planned and
co-taught integrated lessons with classroom teachers, working
through organizations such as Wolf Trap Early Learning in the Arts,
Aesthetic Education Institute, Young Audiences, and Empire State
Partnerships. I have also run professional development on
curriculum design for teachers through BOCES and cultural
organizations within the City of Rochester. I earned my doctorate
in Education at the University of Rochester, teaching writing
classes to freshman while I was a graduate student. I now manage an
educational project through RIT and teach teacher-candidates at
Nazareth College and Warner School of Education as an Adjunct
Professor. My children both attended and graduated from City
of my teaching experiences in primary, secondary, college and
beyond, I have had classroom, staff, and building experiences that
captured a sense of the district as a whole. I know the challenges
of teaching within changing assessment metrics, in the face of
scarce resources, and despite demonizing messages about teachers. I
am wary of reform initiatives that exclude the voice of teachers,
the very people who know what students’ learning needs are. I want
to help improve schools – and believe this cannot be really be done
without having at least one Commissioner on the board who
understands instruction and learning from the inside
If elected to
the board, I would call for more teacher leadership in improving
instructional practice in schools because this is where it must
start. I would better link classroom practice and district policies
by advocating for flexibility in programmatic implementation at the
building level. Please take a moment to visit
http://lizhallmark.com for more of my platform, and consider
supporting my candidacy by talking to friends, coming to house
parties, placing signs, or contributing financially. I ask for your
vote on September 10th and hope to hear from you by email or phone
call. Both are below.

Liz Hallmark
358 Mulberry St Rochester, NY