Jeb Bush has developed a narrative that is by now familiar: our schools are failing; the nation is in danger because of our failing schools; competition, high-stakes testing, and accountability will spur innovation and achievement; we need choice, charters, vouchers, merit pay, an end to job security for teachers; tying teacher pay to student test scores.

No one in the mainstream media bothers to question any of these claims. Every one of them is patently false.

Paul Thomas rebukes the media for reporting instead of investigating. He fact-checks Bush.

Paul Thomas is fearless, articulate, and prolific. He has the advantage of 18 years experience as a high school teacher in South Carolina. He is now a professor at Furman University, which has the dubious distinction of being recognized by the National Council on Teacher Quality as one of the four best teacher education programs in the nation.

In my new book, “Reign of Error,” I demonstrate with graphs from the U.S. Department of Education and citations from research by independent scholars that every one of Bush’s assertions is demonstrably untrue.