Jersey Jazzman has done his usual thorough job of researching the New Jersey Department of Education’s job of importing Democracy Prep to Camden.

Here is his conclusion (but read what leads up to his conclusion):
Democracy Prep’s practices includes more spending per pupil, a rigid “no-excuses” culture, high rates of attrition, and segregation by poverty, special need, and English proficiency.

This is your future, Camden – imposed on you by state-officials and outside CMOs. Don’t even think about fighting back.

The only point he overlooked was that Democracy Prep got poor results in the recent Common Core testing in New York, worse than the much maligned public schools.

And never forget, the reformers want you to believe that their decisions are irreversible. They say the train has left the station. No, they are not. No, it has not. Every decision can be changed by new leadership.