ALEC has established its reputation as the organization funded by major corporations to promote deregulation, privatization, and whatever else benefits the big corporations.

In this speech, Jeb Bush spells out his agenda, which closely aligns with that of ALEC: Vouchers, charters, deregulation of teaching, virtual charter schools, for-profit charters, and Common Core.

The only particular where ALEC and Jeb diverge is Common Core.

Some ALEC members surely see Common Core as an initiative of the Obama administration and a federal takeover of education.

Others, like Jeb, see Common Core as an opportunity to make public schools look bad and to see hardware, software, and other stuff to schools and tap into that rich market.

Of course, Jeb didn’t mention that charter schools and voucher schools don’t post higher test scores than public schools, nor did he have time to acknowledge that virtual charter schools have lower test scores and lower graduation rates than public schools.

And he spoke before the New York state scores on Common Core were released, showing that the charter sector as a whole did far worse than the public sector.

But note the care he takes to couch the argument for privatization in terms of protecting minorities and advancing the needs of those at the bottom.

That must have appealed to ALEC members, who are not famous for their interest in civil rights but are busily trying to get rid of public education in their respective states.