This may be a first. Teach for America carefully manages its image as the Peace Corps of education, a high-minded organization that attracts “the best and brightest” from the nation’s top colleges and universities.

But Howard Blume in the Los Angeles Times explains that TFA has a dark side and that it has critics, some of whom are alumni.

Even the headline is carefully and timidly written, referring to TFA’s “apparent stance” on school reform.

Can there be any doubt?

TFA is the darling of the most rightwing foundation in the United States, the Walton Family Foundation.

TFA collects millions from major corporations, who would rather support TFA than pay more in taxes to change government policy to address poverty and resource inequities.

TFA recruits are the mainstay of the anti-union movement, replacing experienced teachers in districts that want cheap and expendable labor in its classrooms.

TFA’s leadership corps can boast of such people as Michelle Rhee, John White, Kevin Huffman, and Eric Guckian, all pressing for vouchers, charters, and anti-teacher policies.

The article is fair and even-handed. But it allows critics to be heard, and that is a breakthrough, part of the crumbling of the Great “Reform” Deception.