Michelle Malkin is known for her strong conservative opinions, strongly expressed.

In this article in the National Review, titled “Jeb’s Education Racket,” Malkin eviscerates Tony Bennett and Jeb Bush. She writes:

[Bennett’s] disgraceful grade-fixing scandal is the perfect symbol of all that’s wrong with the federal education schemes peddled by Bennett and his mentor, former GOP governor Jeb Bush: phony academic standards, crony contracts, and big-government and big-business collusion masquerading as “reform.”

She adds:

“Cronyism and corruption come in all political stripes and colors. As a conservative parent of children educated at public charter schools, I am especially appalled by these pocket-lining GOP elites who are giving grassroots education reformers a bad name and cashing in on their betrayal of limited-government principles.”

Whether you are liberal or conservative or libertarian or anything else, you should be offended by the grade-fixing, by the cronyism, and by the cozy financial arrangements that now dominate what is called “reform.”

At some point, a light goes on and you realize that this so-called  “reform” has nothing to do with children, nothing to do with education as such, and everything to do with politics, power, and money.