This teacher is tired of getting instructions from inexperienced policymakers and politicians.

He writes:

“Really! We always seem to pay the price for self proclaimed “know-it-alls” when it comes to Schools. Why is it those who have never stepped foot in a school since the day they (dropped out) or graduated seem to think they can do better than those who have invested in a higher education as well as time, blood/sweat/tears working to change the tide?

“I agree, we should focus on other BAD people. How about BAD Politicians, BAD Doctors, BAD Nurses BAD (fill in the blank). For example lets make Doctors accountable for their patients recovery rate! Surely, there are lots of tests and measures to determine “adequate yearly progress” for Doctors! But, lets be fair… why don’t we pay everyone based on the “test scores” of the recipients of goods and services they provide?”