This is a terrific commentary on the Bennett fiasco, written by Valerie Strauss. Who is the biggest loser? Could it be the man behind the curtain who decided that testing would make kids smarter? The one who turned choice into a battle cry? The guy who invited for-profit charters into Florida to make buckets of cash that could be used to hire lobbyists and clear the way for more profits?

Florida has been shuffling education commissioners in and out of the state with startling regularity. There have been 8? 10? in the past decade. This is success?

Meanwhile, Bennett has been bounced from two states in the past year.

And the trap for him was the dumb school grading system that Jeb Bush is so proud of. No state has gotten it right because it is too simplistic to label a complex institution with a single letter grade; there are too many variables, too many moving parts, too many different components that make up a school to say that it can be rated like a tomato or a pumpkin.