A group of Tennessee moms created a brilliant Facebook page calling for the removal of Kevin Huffman, the state education commissioner.

The site is vivid, graphic, and highly charged with the fury of really angry moms.

One entry points out that Huffman likes to say that Kentucky does better than Tennessee, even though both have the same level of poverty. So the moms produced a comparison graph showing that Kentucky has no vouchers, no charters, and spends more per pupil than Tennessee.

Another entry posts the contract that Huffman awarded to his former employer, Teach for America. Thanks to Huffman’s largesse, TFA will pick up $7 million to send in ill-trained youngsters to teach in Tennessee’s neediest schools.

There is no power so great as the power of outraged moms. They are stronger than the Koch brothers, stronger than the Walton Family Foundation, stronger even than Bill Gates. When the lives of their children are at risk, they are a mighty and unstoppable force.