At his resignation press conference, Tony Bennett said the stories in the media about his actions in Indiana were “malicious and unfounded.” He said that Governor Rick Scott and powerbroker Jeb Bush wanted him to stay, but he didn’t want anything to distract from educating the kids of Florida.

Bob Sikes, who reported the story in his blog, wondered why Bennett was so quick to resign: “Bennett’s quick surrender is out of character. Moreover, if the story that has evolved out of his emails is indeed “unfounded, malicious and politically motivated,” he would have been vindicated in soon order. Especially with the powerful education reform industry ready to go to the mat for him.”

Sikes speculates that “Bennett probably knows that more will be coming out and couldn’t tell Scott and Bush the entire story last night. Remaining would embarrass them and quite a bit of damage has been done already. Today was his last day in the sun he used the opportunity to beat his own drum with sanctimony.”