Hold on to your hat, sit down, then open this link, a bombshell post by Jersey Jazzman.

You will learn why Pitbull is a keynote speaker at the National Charter Schools Conference. It is not because he is a rapper who insults women.

You will learn that he and his family have perfected the art of using charters to become very rich.

You will learn about the sleazy deals that he and his family made with local politicians. You will learn that his family has built a multi-million dollar real estate empire with public money.

You will learn about Pitbull’s connection to Academica, South Florida’s largest and richest for-profit charter chain.

You will see how politicians profit, entrepreneurs profit, all on the public dime. Did I say “dime”? Sorry. Much more at stake here.

Should this man be honored or investigated? Jersey Jazzman reports, you decide.