John Merrow encountered a woman at an event at the Harvard Club who thanked him for exposing Michelle Rhee as a fraud and congratulated him for his “one-man crusade.” Merrow quickly demurred. It was no “one-man crusade,” he said. He pointed out that there was a sizable contingent of highly experienced and much-honored reporters who worked on the story with him.

He added:

“Had we not been in a crowd, I would also have said that fraud was her word, not ours. We documented how Michelle Rhee looked the other way when presented with pretty strong evidence that adults, not students, were responsible for the suspicious erasures. We don’t know why she failed that leadership test, only that she clearly did. Perhaps, as Jack Nicholson thundered in “A Few Good Men,” she couldn’t “handle the truth.” Perhaps she was putting her own career ahead of the interests of children. Does that make her a fraud? That’s your call, not ours.”

He is still waiting for the DC public schools to honor his freedom of information act request for additional documents.

“Meanwhile, down in Atlanta, the criminal justice system is preparing to try Beverly Hall and others for their alleged roles in the cheating scandal in that city.”