A reader sent the following observation about parallels between educational developments in Chile under the dictator Pinochet, an admirer of free-market reforms, and in the U.S. today. He writes:

“I have recently been studying the neoliberal privatization of public education in Chile since this is the path we are now on in the USA. Initiated by the dictator Pinochet and encouraged by the same world players who are advocating these changes here, it is frightening and sobering to see how the policies of choice and privatization have destroyed the system there and how, instead of democratizing the system, the system has become a cesspit.

After 30+ years the students and the people are finally taking to the streets in protest and the government is fighting back with an iron fist. If we do continue on this path this is our future.

Sobering, indeed.

Here are jus a few articles that outline the Chilean neoliberal education machine. It is identical to what is being imposed upon us here, with school choice, vouchers, de-professionalization of the teaching profession, high-stakes testing, and profit-seeking in schooling.