Texas parents created a Facebook page to vent their anger at Governor Perry for vetoing HB 2836, which would have reduced the heavy burden of testing in the elementary and middle school grades. Presently, as much as one month–sometimes more–of the school year is devoted to testin and testing preparation.

HB 2836 passed both houses of the Legislature unanimously.

Our hero? Rep. Bennett Ratliff.

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But don’t forget, Pearson has a contract for $500 million for five years of testing. It would be rather unpleasant, wouldn’t it, if the state didn’t want so much testing. After all, the state already reduced the number of graduation tests from 15 to 5. Pearson can retreat just so much and no more. Fortunately, Pearson has its top lobbyist, Sandy Kress, taking care of business. You know Sandy, the architect of NCLB. The testing industry’s best friend.

If you want to keep up with the anti-testing movement, follow their Facebook page.

Now that parents understand that all that testing doesn’t help their children, the game is up.