This is a long and fact-filled story about the rise and possible fall of the testing industry in Texas.

I am quoted near the end, and there is one statement that I need to correct.

I explained to the journalist that schools had changed a lot since I was a student in Houston public schools.

Back in what people think were the “good old days,” the schools were racially segregated (for some reason, he interpreted that to mean that black and Hispanic students were not allowed to go to school, and puts those words in my mouth. Of course, they were allowed to go to school– to underfunded, segregated schools.)

That exchange aside, it is a good account of the accountability battle.

It is funny that Sandy Kress continues to believe that any relaxation of high-stakes testing will be terrible for poor and minority kids. Remember the promise that “no child would be left behind?” Can anyone today say with a straight face that no child has been left behind thanks to testing and accountability?