The billionaires and moguls and titans are at it again.

They desperately want to buy the last seat on the Los Angeles school board, which will be decided in a run-off on May 21.

The contenders are Monica Ratliff, a teacher, and Antonio Sanchez, who used to work on the staff of L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

The Big Money wants Sanchez. Just as they assembled a war chest to beat Steve Zimmer, they are now piling up dough to crush underfunded Ratliff.

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg put in $350,000. Los Angeles billionaire Eli Broad added $250,000. Michelle Rhee’s StudentsFirst added $100,000. It is expected that they will collect $1 million or more to beat Ratliff.

“In the primary, money spent by or for Sanchez outpaced Ratliff’s spending by a ratio of about 84 to 1.”

The UTLA endorsed both candidates and gave Ratliff $1,000.

Zimmer beat the billionaires. Can Ratliff pull off an upset too? She will probably be outspent this time 100-1.