Two websites have been created to allow students, teachers, principals, and parents to register their comments about the Common Core assessments created by Pearson for students in New York.

One was created to discuss the English language arts exam. If you open the link, you will see numerous comments about the ELA exams. The comments are varied and interesting. The site was set up by  by Professor Lucy Calkins at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Despite the efforts of the New York State Education Department to shield the exams in the deepest secrecy, those who took the exams have plenty to say about them. I didn’t see disclosure of any confidential information, but a great deal of concern about the lack of time to complete the exam.

Another website was created to collect reactions to the math tests.

Once again, social media may be the best source of information for parents, students, and teachers, and the mainstream media.

Ask the experts, those who took the test and those who administered them.