This post explains why teachers need tenure. Tenure is not a job for life. Tenure protects freedom of speech. Tenure protects academic freedom.

The previous post linked to an article by a teacher in Missouri who warned his students not to become a teacher because of the outrageous attacks on teachers. He was suspended. He does not have tenure. He does not have academic freedom. He was suspended for speaking his mind about the destruction of his profession in a public forum.

Here is the story, sent by a fellow Missouri teacher who must (of course) remain anonymous or he will also lose his job.


Randy Turner, a veteran teacher in Joplin, Missouri, posts
an opinion on the HuffPost regarding the destruction of the
teaching profession—

… TFA replacing veterans;

… legislation banning / removing tenure;

… making ony $37 K-per-year after 14 years, then
being publicly shamed for being “greedy”…

and on and on…

HERE it is at the Huffington Post:

then gets immediately suspended for expressing his 1st Amendment-protected opinion:
(quite a civics lesson for the students in Joplin, MO, don’t-cha think?)

Here’s Randy’s blog with the latest on his own situation:

and if all this is not bad enough, some ignorant, profiteering edupreneur chimes in. The guy admits that
“as an education entrepreneur, I do not claim to understand every nuance of the classroom. I am not a
teacher..”, but that doesn’t stop him from rubbing salt in Randy’s wounds with this atrocity (also posted at the HuffPost):